Priscilla Morgan has RESIGNED as Co-Director (effective May 2019) at Cowtown Revolution. 

Please direct all contact to either:

Co-Director: Gary Godley =

Owner: Frank Trazzera =


GARY GODLEY: Co-Director

Gary Godley brings 30 years of experience in volleyball from many levels and he is prepared to help lead the Revolution. 

He coached in the military, both men's and women's teams, while stationed in Europe and Southeast Asia. With that experience, he was called upon to coach both girls and boys volleyball at Augsburg American High School in Augsburg, Germany for three years, scheduled matches with other German high schools in the area, and was accepted into the local school conference, taking his team to two city championships in three years.

Coach Godley has coached club volleyball for the last 15 years in the Fort Worth area as a head coach for 14s, 15s and 17s in both open and club level competitions. Coach Godley has been a head coach and club director at Cowtown VBC, the Fort Worth Fire and 360 Volleyball Club. Prior to living in Fort Worth, Godley coached club volleyball in the Dallas area at Kahunas and TAV, coaching 16s and 17s at all levels.

As Co-Director of the Cowtown Revolution, he brings a lot of knowledge of the game to his players. He believes that all players need the skills required to play and prides himself in teaching players all positions and fundamentals of the sport.

Contact for Coach Godley:

Phone: 817-520-3333